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Transfer of VHS to DVD's
Whether you want simple copies from tape to DVD or custom editing, we can help. For the most accurate quote, please have the number of videotapes, type of tape, and the approximate running length of each tape when you call.

We do most kinds of family video camera tapes including: BETA VHS Super VHS Compact VHS (VHS-C) 8 mm Hi 8 Digital 8 Mini DV DVCAM

We use only professional grade recording equipment and professional gold archival DVD disks for the best performance and longevity. These disks are the longest lasting, best performing disks in existence. Save even more than 30% off.  Ask about our bulk discount on videotape transfers.

*We can only copy home made tapes. Copyrighted material, such as, store bought movies or things you recorded from the TV cannot be copied.

Video Editing and Production
We are your one-stop source for all things concerning media and video production. We serve the needs of individuals and businesses, and we offer on-location shooting, high definition formats, graphics, and duplication services!

Our process is wholly creative. We collaborate with our writers, producers, graphic artists, camera operators, and sound and light technicians to produce the video you want. If you need to advertise your product, we can help. If you want to brand your company, we can assist you!

Sports Videos Production

Recruiting Videos: Playing sports in college is the goal of many high school players. Getting noticed and properly evaluated is a difficult task, even for very good players at the high school level.

While attending camps and showcases is certainly an important thing to do, many players are overlooked at these events due to the high ratio of athlete to coach, even at the elite events.

Centurion Interactive Sports Videos can help you to put together a college recruiting video that will showcase your skills and fundamentals, incorporate some real game footage, and give the NCAA coach the ability to properly evaluate you as a prospect student athlete for their institution.

We can put together an end of the season banquet video, make copies for all players and coaches, and showcase it at your banquet with our own presentation equipment! 

DVD/CD Bulk Duplication Services
Professional High Quality DVD Replication Services:
Centurion Interactive is California’s leader in comprehensive DVD replication services with over 10 years of experience as a full service CD replication and DVD replication company. Centurion Interactive employs advanced DVD replication technology, sophisticated quality control and high-speed automated assembly of even the most complicated DVD replication project. All DVD discs are carefully inspected for defects and replicated bit-for-bit to assure your satisfaction. We know how to get replication right, the first time!

DVD Replication is less expensive than DVD duplication for orders of more than 500 DVD discs. We specialize in prompt turn around on large run DVD replication projects while maintaining quality, communication, and complete fulfillment. As a complement to our quality DVD replication services, we offer DVD graphic design, DVD authoring, DVD mastering, as well as DVD packaging options from paper sleeves to retail ready packaging. Shipments sent from our offices in California can be tracked to assure the fulfillment of your order.

Family Memories Preservation Services

How will you be remembered?

     Your grandchildren will remember as much about you as you recall about your grandparents. And what family history will they know about your parents?

     Every person has a story to tell—a lifetime of memories and experiences, of dreams and hopes, of accomplishments and challenges.

     All too often, family stories slip away because they’re not written down. Cherished pieces of family heritage are lost forever.
     What better gift could you give your family than the experience of holding an heirloom book filled with memories, stories and photos of family members from times long gone.
     Now you can honor the lives of your loved ones through a unique gift—a beautifully designed creative memory DVD chronicling a personal or family history with pictures, videos, or scanned documents that you provide to us.   


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